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Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Honestly...Fire Harold Reynolds, Too

On SportsCenter, 5/18/05, 1:11 AM:

"I still believe that Dontrelle Willis is going to win the Cy Young in the National League, and I think experience plays a big role, in the fact that he pitched out of the bullpen, and he came back last year, and was able to pitch a full complete season. It's really his only [sic?] second year pitching a full year."

The chyron at the bottom while he said this, by the way, read: "Dontrelle Willis: Experience will get him Cy Young"

Let's look a little closer at this. Now, how will Dontrelle Willis' experience help get him the Cy Young? HJM has four points:

1.) "He pitched out of the bullpen."
>>I didn't remember Dontrelle Willis pitching out of the bullpen. Do you? No, you don't, and I'll tell you why. Because Dontrelle Willis has never pitched out of the bullpen in the major leagues. Ever. He has played in 67 games. He has started every single one of them. In his minor league stint in 2003, as far as I can tell, he pitched in six games and started all of them. Maybe HR meant that Willis has pitched in the bullpen. Like, before a game. Maybe that would help him win the Cy Young?
Come to think of it, even if he had pitched out of the bullpen -- how the hell would that help him win the Cy Young this year? Is John Smoltz a bettter pitcher now that he spent some time closing games? Does pitching out of the bullpen help pitchers get better? Why not, then, send every pitcher to the bullpen for a short stint? Harold, even if you weren't wrong, what the hell are you talking about?

Edit: As Murblop points out in the comments page, Dontrelle Willis did actually pitch out of the bullpen in the 2003 playoffs. But still, Harold Reynolds, too.

2.) "He came back last year..."
>>This is actually a very good point. If he hadn't come back last year, he might not be pitching this year. And if you're not pitching, it is difficult to win the Cy Young Award.

3.) "...and was able to pitch a full complete season."
>>Okay, he was able to pitch a full season, almost without a glitch. Thirty-two starts. How this separates him from the rest of the pack...I have no idea. Brandon Webb started 35 games last year. Maybe he can win the Cy Young. He pitched even more of a "full complete season" than Dontrelle Willis!

4.) "It's really only his second year pitching a full year."
>>First of all, not really. Second of all, is that a good thing?
Dontrelle started 27 games in 2003. He won the Rookie of the Year Award. Dontrelle started 32 games in 2004. Going into 2005, he had pitched a total of 357.2 innings in two seasons. Wouldn't we say this is his third year pitching a full year? I would. Certainly closer to three than two.
And once again, I have no idea how -- even if this were true -- this would make the D-Train more qualified to win the CYA. You know who won the NL CYA last year? Roger Clemens. He started playing Major League Baseball in 1984.

Which really brings us to the larger point, the idiocy of the argument to begin with. If experience helps pitchers win CYAs, then why would Dontrelle Willis -- in his second or third or whatever full year -- be the favorite to win?

If experience gets you the Cy Young about John Fucking Franco?

Harold Reynolds? More like human garbage.

posted by dak  # 1:39 AM
This whole thing is just absolutely fucking fantastic.
Not to be a dick here, or to in any way say that HR is not a total idiot, but Dontrelle Willis did have 5 total relief appearances in the 2003 postseason. In the World Series, he had 3 relief appearances and 0 starts. I think that is what he's referring to.

But still. The dude's a moron, and his "experience" arguments are butarded.

And yes, of course, human garbage.
excellent research mudflap.

still though, i mean...i'm glad we all agree that he's an idiot.
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