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Sunday, May 22, 2005


This Is Simply Not True

Atlanta Braves vs. Boston Red Sox, TBS, 1 pm EST:

The commentators weigh in on the Sox' lack of sacrifice bunts on the year when Mark Bellhorn steps up to the plate. The play-by-play man remarks, rather accurately, that some of the "new-school" general managers can show you statistics that show that "hacking away" is actually a more effective strategy.

The color man remarks, rather inanely, that "as always, I think a mix of the old ways and the new ways is probably the way to go." Probably true, but not too incisive. He then comments that some teams use statistics and charts, while others "go with the flow and situations." What? Finally, he sums it up with "well, hey, if there were one best way to do things, then everyone would be doing it!"

This is simply not true.

That's not true in any industry. If there's one best way to make cars, why isn't every car factory exactly the same? Because people use rational thought and trial and error to continually improve what they do.

More importantly, I guess, if I worked at a lab that was trying to cure cancer and the head researcher said he was just going to make decisions based on "going with the flow and situations," I wouldn't feel too confident about our chances at curing cancer.


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