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Saturday, June 11, 2005


JM Quickie

Eerily, I was just about to post about that same Joe Morgan answer. Dude really hates Billy Beane.

Looking forward to the full-length critique, KT, but in the meantime let me poach one question.

Robby (chicago): Hey Joe. Just wondering your take on the Chicago White Sox finally posting a high run total the other night at Colorado (15). Do you think that their bats are finally waking up to match their incredible pitching thus far? Do you think this is finally the year you will see them back in the World Series for the first time since '59?

Joe Morgan: Everything in baseball goes in cycles. It doesn't matter as long as you are winning. They are winning so I wouldn't be concerned about the hitting.

Hey, Robby, here's Joe's "take": everything goes in cycles. Furthermore, it doesn't matter if Chicago can score runs in the future even though their pitchers have been performing way, way above their true abilities thus far. Funny, Joe didn't seem to take such a laissez-faire attitude about Oakland's inability to score.

True, the White Sox are doing very well in the win column, but if you're running a team, shouldn't you always be trying to improve it? How can you say you aren't concerned about one half of how your baseball team is performing (the hitters)?

Also, Joe, you didn't answer Robby's last question at all. At all.

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