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Sunday, June 12, 2005


Joe Morgan Chat Continued

Still more from the 6/10 chat:

Craig Ft. Lauderdale, FL: Joe, need your opinion here please! I am shocked the Yankees are playing such boring baseball, and that they are 29-30. Do things get turned around anytime soon? Will Torre and Tino being ejected the other night, will that light the fire for them? At this point, we can't even hope for the playoffs.

Joe Morgan: I'm also shocked they are struggling. I've said for two years they have one of the best lineups.

I cut Joe's answer short. I just enjoy how he spins it so it seems like for two years, he's been crying out to the uncaring universe that the YANKEES have one of the best lineups. Why won't people listen to Joe and acknowledge that the Yankees have a good offense -- maybe even one of the best?

Anyway, he didn't answer the question of whether they'll turn it around. Let's move on.

Steve (Dallas): Joe, how many wins will the D-Train get this year? Possibly twenty?

Joe Morgan: The unfortunate part about pitching, as you get more innings, you lost a little bit. Remember he started of [sic] like this his rookie year before tiring. But I think he is building arm strength so he should be able to go deeper. 20 game winners just arent' that common anymore. It will depend on what kind of run support he can get. But I expect a great second half.

That first sentence is quite a mess. But at least he said how many wins he thinks Dontrelle will get!

No, he did not.

Heath (Dyersville, IA): Mr. Morgan, Any thoughts on this weekend's historical matchup between the Red Sox and Cubs?

Joe Morgan: I don't believe in all that historical stuff. I wasn't around when it first started ; ) but I do think it will be great for baseball fans and great to see the teams. I'm not so sure about the history. I hate to be that way.. but 1918 has no bearing for me. But I'm sure it does for the two cities.

Somehow I doubt 1918 means all that much for Chicagoans. Come to think of it, it doesn't mean all that much to Boston anymore, either. Hip use of the winking emoticon, though, Joe.

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posted by Junior  # 10:43 PM
"Joe Morgan: I don't believe in all that historical stuff. I wasn't around when it first started."

Finally, we learn the source of Carl Everett's ignorance. He grew up watching Joe Morgan.
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