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Monday, July 11, 2005


Derby Follies

Joe Morgan (after Ivan Rodriguez's eighth home run in the second round): And that eliminates my longshot, Carlos Lee.

(Lee had four home runs and was eliminated after Rodriguez's fifth.)

(Also, Morgan selected three players he thought might win. Out of eight.)


posted by Junior  # 10:39 PM
JM said he was most impressed with Abreu's "making good contact" rather than his homeruns in his first at bat. He said, "he's even hitting his line drives hard." Uh, a line drive by definition....oh, never mind.
I loved Morgan's comment earlier where he predicted either Ortiz or Texeria would win since the park favored left handers. After Carlos Lee hit 11 and Texeria hit 2, he quickly changed and to Berman I have two Ortiz and Lee, one right-handed and one left-handed.
I thank Eric Wilbur of for directing me here. I can't stand Joe Morgan. He baffles me with his idiocy on a weekly basis.
i was directed here by wilbur too, i'm really liking this blog a lot

although i think berman is overrated, i thought his comment about taking aaron, ruth and mays was funny since he was making fun of morgan
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