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Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Harold Reynolds, you are a god among Joe Morgans


Harold, what's with your unhealthy obsession with Derek Jeter?

Harold Reynolds: I just think he is the class of baseball. As a player, he plays the game right. This generation gets to caught up in stats and we forget how the game should be played. He knows how to PLAY baseball.

>> I like how he doesn't even object to Mike(NY)'s terminology. Yes, I, Harold Reynolds, do have an unhealthy obsession with Derek Jeter. And let me tell you why -- these nonsensical reasons that are just the same cliche rearranged three times.

Ian (Macon, GA): Harold, do you think Braves pitching coach Leo Mazzone should be in the Hall of Fame when he is done?

Harold Reynolds: Great question .. there is probably a number of coaches who belong but it's hard to come up with the criteria.

>> It's such a great question I'm just going to trail off without attempting to answer it.

Hank (NYC): Harold, it seems that players aren't as durable as they were even in your playing days. Do you agree? Why is this? Are players too coddled these days?

Harold Reynolds: With the amount of money they pays guys now, they err on the side of caution. I think the pitch count has changed baseball. All of a sudden 100 pitches is a lot of pitches. But each pitcher is different. A few years ago, Randy Johnson was just getting loose after 100. Same thing with Ryan, Clemens, etc. That has hurt some guys. But it's possibly saved other guys.

>> Yep, it's a fact: Randy Johnson, Nolan Ryan and Roger Clemens sucked for the first 100 pitches. After that, though, look out.

Newt (Jacksonville): Any truth to the rumor that Tom Emanski has put a contract out on you for trying to steal his turf? ESPN may only be big enough for one how-to guru. And while you had an impressive MLB career, let's face it, you've never coached back-to-back-to-back AAU national champions . . .

Harold Reynolds: Ha! Yeah, because I was PLAYING instead of coaching! Would you rather learn from the player or coach! Put it this way.. check out my series and see if you want to learn from Ozzie Smith in HD or Tom Emanski's still pictures in 1980?

>> Taking this question is shameless self-promotion.

Alex (Gaithersburg): What could the Phillies land in exchange for Thome? Wagner? Could it push them into the postseason?

Harold Reynolds: I think Wagner has a high ceiling. Thome, the problem is the lack of production, the risk of back injury and the high salary. I just don't think they can move him.

>> Sigh. You didn't answer the question. Wagner has a "high ceiling"? How about "Wagner is a fantastic pitcher, period"? High ceiling? That implies that he hasn't reached his potential yet. Will he have a 0.00 ERA next year?

Justin (NY) (NY): Has Theo Epstein called you to take Bellhorn's place in the lineup? Surely you wouldnt strike out nearly as often!

Harold Reynolds: Honestly, they just need to let Alex Cora play and be done with it. C'mon people.. you were booing the guy because he grounded out against Mariano.

>> Alex Cora sucks. Bellhorn's hurt now, and he's been pretty average this year, but last year he was one of the more valuable second basemen in the major leagues.

Chris (College Park): Nice win in the celebrity softball game, who do you want to see in your lineup next year???

Harold Reynolds: Halle Berry!?!?

>> Why are there question marks in there?


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