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Monday, July 11, 2005


Hee-Seop Choi, I hope you're reading this

John Kruk: 10 rules for winning the Derby

2. Choose the right weapon.
You've got to have the right bat -- and a corked one would be good.

>> Check.

3. Bring your own batting practice caddy.
I would take Larry Bowa. He's the best, because he'll throw it exactly where you want it. You want it thigh-high, inner half, he'd put it right there -- like it was on a tee. He's the best pitcher I ever saw, because he was just so accurate.

>> You heard it here first. Larry Bowa was better than Roger Clemens or Pedro Martinez.

7. Find a happy zone.

9. Find the inner Larry Bird in you, if you can.

>> If these are two of your ten rules, I would suggest a different column: 8 rules for winning the Derby.

I'm picking Carlos Lee to win the thing. That's his game, that's the reason why he's in Detroit: He hits the long ball.

>> Picking the winner of the Home Run Derby is inherently a total crapshoot. That said, Carlos Lee has never hit more than 31 home runs in a season. Pretty much all the guys competing hit the long ball.

NB: This column was apparently so complex and difficult to write, the byline indicates that John Kruk needed the assistance of Buster Olney to complete it.

By By John Kruk, with Buster Olney [the two "By"s are sic]

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posted by Junior  # 1:53 PM
Before anyone mentions this, the sentence about corking your bat is totally out of context and unfair. The actual recommendation:

You've got to have the right bat -- and a corked one would be good. But since you can't do that, you go for the lightest one that feels comfortable, because you're going to have to supply all the power.

I don't see why Kruk chose to mention corking at all. It's not really a joke, and it's not at all informative.
I've got a feeling that somewhere, somehow...Hee Sop Choi IS reading this.
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