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Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Joe Morgan Chat Extravaganza

More from Joe's July 8 chat:

Jeff (New Haven): Joe: Its scary to admit, but right now you would have to pick the Yanks in the East because of one person.....Mariano Rivera. Would you agree?

Joe Morgan: Well, I think Mariano is a great pitcher, of course, but I don't think you can give the Yankees the playoffs yet because they still haven't proven that they can be consistant. Realize how great their lineup can be. If they played up to their offensive potential, they should make the playoffs.

>> The Yankees lead the major leagues in runs scored. They're 22nd in ERA. So yeah, I think it's safe to say that the real problem with their squad is the consistency of their offense. Play up to your potential, Yankees offense!

matt (ct): would it be safe to say that wade boggs had the best eye in baseball? how about the best two strike hitter?

Joe Morgan: That's a subjective question.

>> Yes, it is. Well, the first question is, anyway. The second question seems like one you could take a stab at answering objectively with some careful research, but of course that would never happen because research is for nerds or perhaps for the sentient computers that are taking over baseball. As for the Boggs question, it seems matt (ct) would like to know your, Joe Morgan's, opinion on the subject matter of the "best eye" in baseball. You are a baseball expert whose job it is to express opinions. This chat is a forum for those opinions to be expressed. And yet you refuse to answer. Might I also point out that your favorite thing to do is offer subjective opinions and pretend they're objective facts?

Steve (Dallas): Is Jeter over-rated or what? Do you think he deserves an All-Star spot this year?

Joe Morgan: I don't think Derek Jeter is overrated, I think that when a player plays everyday with the intensity that Derek Jeter plays with, you cannot call him overrated.

>> See, there you go. Subjective question. Subjective answer. How come you didn't complain on this one?

Unless you have some sort of objective measurement of Derek Jeter's intensity. Let me guess: it's off the charts.

Pete (Chicago): Are people reading too much into the fact that you won't be in attendance at the Hall induction the year that Ryno is getting enshrined?

Joe Morgan: I made a comment years ago that I'm not going to address that ever again because it's a big joke. So, I'm not going to address it today, either.

>> Okay.

Joe Morgan loves calling things jokes.

Dave (Philly): Joe, I know you were in philly this past week for sunday night baseball. what do you think about chase utley?

Joe Morgan: I think Chase is going to be a very good player. He's got a lot of good offensive qualities and he seems like a very smart guy who knows how to play the game. Obviously the PHillies think so or they wouldn't have traded Polanco for him.

>> The Phillies traded Placido Polanco to the Tigers for Ugueth Urbina.

Jeff (Arlington, TX): Mr. Morgan, Any comment on Kenny Rogers playing in Tuesday's midsummer classic?

Joe Morgan: Yes, I think baseball is basically saying that since in appealed, he is eligible to play. But, I think that when you give a punnishment, you have to make sure you hear the appeal right away. I don't see how he can play if you are punnishing him for something he did on the field, but I do understand that you are able to play until the appeal is heard. I've seen instances where the appeal was heard the next day or two if it was that important. I think this IS that important to the fans and the media. It should have been heard by now.

>> I'll be honest. I didn't read Joe's answer very carefully because I got bored and I don't care about his opinion on Kenny Rogers. But since I've already copied and pasted it in here, I might as well point out that in the last chat, he spelled "punishment" with two N's. There was some speculation that he might have done so just because the questioner spelled it that way and Joe was simply following his lead. I think his response in this new chat lends credence to the theory that Joe in fact has believed for some time that there are two N's in "punishment," "punishing" and presumably, "punish." Another possiblity is that he "learned" this incorrect spelling and had his memory of the correct spelling erased by the last chat.

And finally, the last two sentences of his answer:

They have airplanes to get him to NY or people to Texas or however you want to do it. This could have and should have already happened.

>> Well, thank God they have airplanes. A good excuse for delaying this whole Kenny Rogers thing would be if it happened in 1903 and people had to take steam-powered trains everywhere.

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posted by Junior  # 12:26 AM
um, yeah Joe, consistent is spelled with an "e" not an "a." Spelling punishment wrong is egregious, but this is not far off.

Furthermore, can I please be the one to review LaRussa's book? I swear I will read it cover to cover. I have for many years seen him as the over-managing fool that he is.
First on all, Romine, I called dibs on that book days ago. As soon as I am done, go nuts. Second of all, even if this had happened in 1903, Savannah, GA, which is Kenny's hometown, is a mere 515 miles (nine hours by car) from Kitty Hawk, NC where the Wright Bros. were hard at work inventing flight. I submit that it could've gotten done. Crazy? Irrelevant? Absolutely!
With a time-travelling Kenny Rogers' help, I'm pretty sure the Wright Brothers could have gotten their historic first flight off the ground at least six months earlier, giving Kenny ample time to push a kinetoscopeman and then take the newly-invented "aeroplane" to New York for a hearing.
In fairness to Morgan in re: the Chase Utley question, my interpretation of his response is that he meant "...or they wouldn't have traded Polanco for (the purpose of benefitting) him." Not "...or they wouldn't have traded Polanco (in exchange) for him."

In unfairness to Morgan, having him state that a guy is a good prospect because he "knows how to play the game" is strange given that, according to Morgan, the only people who truly understand the game are himself, Tony Perez and Cesar Geronimo.
Yeah, Coach, I agree that's almost certainly what Joe meant. But I also think it's incredibly confusing usage.

He should've just said, "That's why they traded Polanco away so Utley could play full time."

"Trading [blank] for [blank]" is loaded language in sports talk. It usually means a transaction has taken place.
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