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Friday, July 29, 2005


Liveblogging the Joe Morgan LiveChat II

Ed (NY): Hi Joe, I remember watching you on the game of the week in the mid 70s and hearing an announcer saying: "inch by inch and pound by pound" Joe Morgan is the strongest baseball player". Hopefully someone brought that comment to your attention. Today, who would you give that title to?

Joe Morgan: (4:29 PM ET ) I never heard it stated that way. There was a great writer in L.A. who said pound for pound I was the best player. I did see that story. The players today are all stronger and bigger than when I played! I guess off the top of my head Rafael Furcal or Ichiro comes to mind.

>> Rafael Furcal OBP this year: .329

And just for the hell of it, Ichiro's OBP: .355

Not so hot. Jhonny Peralta's OBP this year is .353. And he's slugging a hell of a lot better than Furcal or Ichiro.

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posted by Junior  # 5:06 PM
Yes, but what is Furcal's OBP per pound?

At least he answered the question this time.
Furcal's OBP/LB: 0.00188

I believe your OBP/LB champ thus far might be Brian Roberts, who's at a robust 0.00230.

This trumps David Eckstein's 0.00213 and Derrek Lee's anemic 0.00181.
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