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Friday, July 29, 2005


Liveblogging the Joe Morgan LiveChat VII

Matthew (Los Angeles): Assuming a team (such as the Angels) was willing to take on ALL of Manny Ramirez's contract, what do you think it would take in terms of players to get him?

Joe Morgan: (4:48 PM ET ) I don't think anybody can make a one-on-one trade. Only Vlad but the Angels wouldn't do that. You would have to give up pitching because that is what Boston needs. It would take probably a starter, reliever and an everyday player. Whether you like Manny or not, just look at his production. That's why I'm saying even with the problems he has now, there are probably 25 teams who would gladly take him. Anybody who wants to win.

Joe Morgan: (4:48 PM ET ) In Manny's defense, last year they tried to trade him. They did a lot of things to him last year. They tried to trade him for ARod, they put him on waivers, etc. But he still played hard at all times. I'm not sure what caused the latest problem or why he was upset, but it hasn't been an easy relationship for him either.

>> Okay. Jesus. I mean, really. Jesus.

First of all, Joe Morgan clearly knows the Sox put Manny on waivers last year. How can he keep claiming that "there are probably 25 teams who would gladly take him" without mentioning that probably 24 of those teams would need drastic, drastic salary help from the Red Sox in order to even consider a trade for Manny?

To me, that's the number one issue when the words "trade" and "Manny Ramirez" appear in the same sentence. How much of his salary are the Red Sox willing to kick in? Because clearly no one else in baseball is willing to pay Manny's salary even when they don't have to give anything up in return.

As if that weren't enough proof, Larry Lucchino said just yesterday that trading Manny was well-nigh impossible because of the money owed him.

The one thing we can draw from Joe's answers on this topic is that he hasn't the faintest idea of how a major league baseball team is run. None. No idea. He thinks the issue is that Manny has personality problems -- hence the qualifier "even with the problems he has now," 25 teams would take him. That is absolutely not the issue.

It's $.

Manny makes as much money as the entire Devil Rays' lineup! Probably more! I don't know! I refuse to do the math right now! How could any small-market team afford him? 25 teams are not in the hunt for Manny Ramirez! Should I be more emphatic about this?!

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