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Friday, July 29, 2005


Liveblogging the Joe Morgan LiveChat VIII

Jim (Tampa): Hey Joe, I'm a big D-Rays fan (one of the few) and I need to know what the Rays can do this trading deadline and in the offseason to give themselves a chance within the next 10 years.

Joe Morgan: (4:54 PM ET ) First of all, congrats on being a Devil Rays fan. It's easy to be a fan of a winning team, but a true baseball fan picks a team and sticks with them. So congratulations. A lot of the problems stem from the ballpark. It's hard to get good pitching in that park. It's hard to build a team there. I guess the easiest thing would be to blow up the park and start over. But they have to be committed to going about things one way. Remember, they went out before and got Canseco and all those other HR hitters and it didn't work.

>> The ballpark? Seriously? The ballpark?! What the hell are you talking about?

Here is ESPN's Park Factor chart. I copied and pasted the whole thing just to emphasize how crazy it is to say the problem with the Devil Rays is their ballpark. Noitce anything? (Hint: Tropicana Field is actually a pitcher's park this year.)

Park Factor - Through Thursday, July 28, 2005
RkPark NameRunsHRH2B3BBB
1Coors Field (Rockies)1.4121.2351.2401.3161.6551.181
2Ameriquest Field (Rangers)1.2171.0871.0931.0861.6670.998
3U.S. Cellular Field (White Sox)1.1391.4021.0950.9790.8701.016
4Rogers Centre (Blue Jays)1.1281.1171.0541.0761.1991.101
5Wrigley Field (Cubs)1.1231.3291.0311.0010.9130.987
6Fenway Park (Red Sox)1.1200.9741.1001.3340.6000.975
7Camden Yards (Orioles)1.0771.0501.0221.0360.7040.950
8SBC Park (Giants)1.0690.8991.0721.1021.8120.946
9Bank One Ballpark (Diamondbacks)1.0681.2901.0511.1161.2941.013
10Metrodome (Twins)1.0450.9251.0170.9680.7410.938
RkPark NameRunsHRH2B3BBB
11Miller Park (Brewers)1.0420.9810.9861.1611.2351.129
12Citizens Bank Park (Phillies)1.0241.1340.9810.8651.3601.009
13McAfee Coliseum (Athletics)1.0121.0890.9760.9840.6821.050
14Minute Maid Park (Astros)1.0041.0750.9930.8921.4480.929
15Turner Field (Braves)0.9911.1280.9730.9370.7421.015
16Shea Stadium (Mets)0.9740.8041.0330.9760.4670.978
17Angel Stadium (Angels)0.9721.0621.0190.8630.5790.951
18Jacobs Field (Indians)0.9600.7420.9521.1150.7811.127
19Busch Stadium (Cardinals)0.9360.7980.9961.0411.2631.067
20Comerica Park (Tigers)0.9230.8710.9950.8201.8440.974
RkPark NameRunsHRH2B3BBB
21Yankee Stadium (Yankees)0.9221.0290.9650.8870.5480.943
22PNC Park (Pirates)0.9180.8760.9881.0800.7900.899
23Tropicana Field (Devil Rays)0.9111.0070.9360.9041.0411.022
24Kauffman Stadium (Royals)0.9100.7060.9750.9491.4190.978
25Dodger Stadium (Dodgers)0.9091.0160.9610.7620.6000.841
26Dolphins Stadium (Marlins)0.8980.9870.9510.9301.0251.058
27Great American (Reds)0.8471.0480.8900.8640.5380.883
28PETCO Park (Padres)0.8370.6910.8950.8951.5191.046
29Safeco Field (Mariners)0.8341.0330.8671.0330.4701.046
30RFK Stadium (Nationals)0.8270.5520.8520.8990.8510.983

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