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Friday, July 29, 2005


Liveblogging the Joe Morgan LiveChat X

Bill (Memphis): Now I know why the A's fans don't like you...thanks! (just having fun with ya, Joe)

Joe Morgan: (5:07 PM ET ) But I agree! I think a lot of people have a problem with me having an opionion but I"m entitled to that! Just because I don't agree with it, don't be mad at me! I'm not mad at them! But I still have this problem in saying that the A's don't have money .. the Angels and Twins had a low payroll when they have been successful .. it's not just about the money. Just the way the A's are set up, they will be successful in the regular season and not as successful in the postseason. The Braves won 13 division titles and one championship .. something is wrong with that. But would you rather be the Marlins (not consistent with a ring), A's (no ring) or Braves (one ring)?

>> Remember that John Schuerholz quote I told you to remember from last post? Here it is again, just to remind you:

I think it would be more interesting to read a book from John Scheurholz because of how much they have won.

>> And here is a sentence from this Joe Morgan answer:

The Braves won 13 division titles and one championship .. something is wrong with that.

>> But you'll still read Schuerholz' book, right?

Joe Morgan: (5:07 PM ET ) If the A's win a championship using the Moneyball philosphy, I'll agree with them. But over the test of time, that philosophy has not won a championship.

>> Go A's.

Joe Morgan: (5:10 PM ET ) Thank you for understanding that! It's not personal. I was brought up a certain way in this game and that philosophy has always worked. Until I see a philosphy that works better, I'll stick to mine!

>> You don't have a coherent philosophy.

To all those Moneyball people out there, when I retire from broadcasting, I promise I will read a page or two. Not sure I will get much farther than that! ; )

>> I think you have a brain disorder. Please see a doctor.

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