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Friday, July 08, 2005


Rob Dibble ask questions; I answer

"Baseball wants the All-Star game to have meaning? I don't get it."

>> Yes, baseball thinks more people might want to watch if the game has some real-world (or at least real-baseball-world) impact. Is that so hard to get?

"If the game means so much, why are some of baseball's best players not in the game?"

>> The system for selecting All-Stars has some pretty large flaws. I agree, Rob.

"[C]an you imagine an NBA All-Star game without Michael Jordan or Magic Johnson?"

>> Yes, the last two NBA All-Star games have not involved either Michael Jordan or Magic Johnson. Neither did the three NBA All-Star games from 1999-2001.

"And Michael Young is more deserving than Jeter??? Don't make me laugh."

>> Well, hold on, now, Rob. The question is a good one. Young has a higher raw OPS than Jeter this year and as anthony baseball pointed out, more runs, RBI, and home runs. But he plays in Texas. A check on Baseball Propectus reveals the following for the first half of 2005:

Jeter WARP2: 4.8
Young WARP2: 3.5

Ugh. By that metric, Jeter appears to be more deserving than Young.

Anyway, I'm sure that Dibble did exactly the same legwork I just did before jumping to any conclusions.

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posted by Junior  # 9:38 AM
You forgot that WARP2 factors in how calm one's eyes are.
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