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Sunday, July 10, 2005


That book must really suck

Joe Morgan, on Three Nights in August, a book he apparently has read, unlike Moneyball:

"The one thing I did learn from that book is that managers don't get very much sleep, or at least Tony LaRussa doesn't, especially when they lose."

That was the only thing?

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posted by Junior  # 8:59 PM
Now, of course, nobody should really care that managers don't get much sleep -- though it could be one of the reasons TLR makes terrible game-time decisions.

But still, for a guy who prides himself on his 2 decades of experience playing "The Game" at the big league level...don't you think Joe Morgan would already know that managers don't get too much sleep when they lose?
I have been going back and forth on this for a few days, but I think I have now decided to read this book, for the sole purpose of finding stupid things La Russa says about baseball and posting them on this blog. Am I a hero? I wouldn't go that far. Maybe let's call me "heroic."
You are now America's second-greatest hero after Pat Tillman.
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