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Saturday, July 09, 2005


Tim McCarver thinks slow men should not get on base

As usual, Mark Bellhorn brings out the worst in bad sports commentators.

In today's Sox-O's game, Tim McCarver mentioned that Bellhorn walks or strikes out 46.2% of the time. Yes, he mentioned the two-tenths of one percent.

He went on to say, "On-base percentage? How about contact percentage?!"

And then a great line: "I only care about on-base percentage if you can run. If you can't run, I could care less about on-base percentage."

I think we can extrapolate from that statement that if Tim McCarver were managing a player like David Ortiz, he would recommend that David just make an out every time he comes up.

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posted by Junior  # 2:02 PM
Wow. Simultaneous sports criticism criticism.
Solid work guys. You just beat me to it.
Also worth mentioning was Joe Buck's segue between OBP and McCarver's steadfast ignorance of OBP.

Buck: Of course, you'd rather eat a plate of lima beans than talk about OBP.

This is tantamount to one carpenter saying to another "Of course, you would rather cause yourself voluntary displeasure than use a hammer."

McCarver has also tried today to coin the terms "positionating" and "World Championship Series," and I hate him.
wow, that comment about not caring about OBP unless youre fast might be one of the dumbest things ive ever read before.

barry bonds is a real idiot for drawing all those walks and getting on base so much
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