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Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Eckstein vs. Peralta

In response to KT's question about where to find WARP2 numbers: Baseball Prospectus. It's phenomenal.

And since those who overpraise Scott Podsednik generally do so in reference to his hitting and baserunning, it's really more fair to compare his Equivalent Average to Julio Lugo's. (Lugo is a random player I picked. I know they don't play the same position.) WARP2, of course, takes into account fielding as well, whereas EqA is strictly hitting and baserunning.

And thus we get:

Scott Podsednik 2005 EqA: .265
Julio Lugo 2005 EqA: .285

The average EqA, by the way, is around .260. Other baseball-playing men with EqA's equal to Podsednik's .265: the recently DFA'd Jose Cruz, Jr. and the esteemed Rob Mackowiak.

If you're really lazy, you can also just type in

Scott Podsednik WARP2

into Google, click "I'm Feeling Lucky," and you'll get taken right to his Baseball Prospectus Player Card. If you're really, really lazy, you can just assume he's the reason the White Sox are in first place in the AL because he hustles.

And finally, to fulfill the title of this post:

David Eckstein 2005 WARP2: 2.3
Jhonny Peralta 2005 WARP2: 7.0

David Eckstein 2005 EqA: .253
Jhonny Peralta 2005 EqA: .315

Who have you heard about more this year?

Worse, who have you heard about as being "underappreciated" more this year?

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