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Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Things You Regret Writing and Publishing for Other People to Read: Rob Dibble Edition

Getting Leiter is a championship-caliber move

Rob Dibble / FOX Sports Net
Posted: 13 days ago

>> Leiter for the Yankees so far: 19.1 innings, 13 ER for an ERA of 6.13.

You may ask, why Al Leiter? He's old and wasn't pitching worth a damn in Florida. But I say it's a great move.

>> Leiter's WHIP for the Marlins: 1.85. Leiter's WHIP for the Yankees: 2.02.

Leiter started his career in New York when he was 21 back in 1987 and made 22 starts over two-plus seasons before going to Toronto. Then he pitched in New York with the Mets from 1998-2004, so he is well aware of the pressure and circumstance of being in a New York uniform. Plus, he's won world championships with Toronto and Florida and tried to get one with the Mets, so he's postseason ready for sure.

>> If the Yankees make it to the postseason, I bet Al Leiter won't be starting any games for them in October. Just a guess.

What I also like about the 39-year-old (we played together in Florida in 1996 when I was hurt all year, my last in the big leagues) is that this is a shot in the arm, a chance at one last shot at glory, and there are few players I respect more then Al. He's always prepared, always attacking the hitter with every pitch, and one of the proudest players I've been around, so if he doesn't have his stuff some nights, you can bet he'll try and beat you with his heart. He's a tough son of a b---- and there's no better player to have around when you need someone to lead.

>> That tough son of a bitch lasted 2 innings in Cleveland today. He allowed four hits and walked five. But he tried to beat those Indians with his goddamn heart, and he battled his way through six outs, that goddamn hero.

One last thing, along with Randy Johnson, Kevin Brown, and when Carl Pavano comes back, Leiter's addition will give the Yankees four pitchers in their rotation who have won championships. And I like those odds when the postseason starts.

>> Al Leiter has a strikeout to walk ratio of 0.88. The only starters in all of Major League Baseball with a worse ratio are Luke Hudson of the Reds (ERA of 8.39) and Dewon Brazelton of the Devil Rays (ERA of 6.33).

Can you imagine a headline reading "Getting Brazelton is a championship-caliber move"?


Dewon Brazelton is such an awful baseball player he is no longer allowed to start games for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. His last start was May 11, when he gave up 5 ER in 4.2 innings in a loss to the White Sox -- an outing superior, incidentally, to Al Leiter's today.

Brazelton's main duty now appears to be to come in whenever Mark Hendrickson gives up 5 ER in the first inning, so he is a very busy man.

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posted by Junior  # 9:01 PM
Dude. I totally posted on this already. Not that I mind another swipe at Dibs -- he is so bad it might be worth changing the name of the blog.
Dude, I know. But now we have Yankee results from Leiter! And while most of us probably expected him to perform extraordinarily poorly, now he's actually done it.

Next, we'll see how Shawn Chacon's 39/36 K/BB ratio holds up for the Yanks.
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