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Thursday, August 04, 2005


This is just interesting to read

There's a whole article in the Philadelphia Inquirer about Joe Morgan's reaction to baseball's steroid mess. (Thanks to reader Eric for the tip.) For the most part, Joe pretty reasonably expresses his justifiable anger -- the numbers from this era are (probably artificially) diminishing the numbers of Aaron, Ruth, Mays and the like, if only by comparison.

But his comments take a strange, rather paranoid turn near the end of the article:

Now, he says, the very integrity of baseball has been affected [by steroid use]. "It's not just the home runs, but stamina, the way the game is played," he said.

"Little things don't matter - speed, stealing bases," he added, pointing to this turn as a reason he believes teams no longer actively pursue African American prospects. "It's all tied together. Players are locked onto first base waiting for the home run. They don't need us anymore."

>> Not only does Morgan link the evil of steroids to one of his pet complaints about New School Baseball -- "waiting for the home run" -- he obliquely makes the accusation that somehow, indirectly, steroids are contributing to racism against African Americans. Is that really true? What does it mean that teams are "no longer actively" pursuing African-American prospects? Did they ever? "They don't need us anymore" is a particularly disturbing blanket statement. "Us," presmuably, means all African-Americans. Who are "they"? The Baseball Establishment? The owners? Bud Selig? Billy Beane?

"It's all tied together." It is? Steroids, less base-stealing, and racism in baseball -- all tied together. That is a profoundly weird thing to say.

Idly, I wonder if Joe Morgan believes man never landed on the moon.

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posted by Junior  # 7:25 PM
Also, the idea that teams are no longer recruiting African Americans because they are putting a lesser premium on speed is incredibly tacitly racist. Is he saying African Americans are as a race faster than other races? Many people have been vilified in the press for saying as much.
Great point. That's clearly exactly what he's implying. And I know this because my race is smarter than all other races.
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