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Monday, September 05, 2005


Sutcliffe Time!

Hey America, guess who Rick Sutcliffe thinks is the White Sox's MVP this year?

Hint: he has played zero games for them and he has more than one "Z" in his name.

And his last name is Guillen. And his first name is Ozzie. And his middle name is "Smartball."

Second Sutcliffe point of the day (said during the Red Sox-White Sox game, paraphrased here):

"I really think Jon Garland's pitching has improved because of the defense behind him."

Okay. Or it could be somewhat related to the fact that he's only walked 37 guys this year as opposed to 76 last year.

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posted by Junior  # 2:38 PM
I don't know why I'm defending Sutcliffe, but I suppose you could argue that a good defense could lead to a pitcher trying to nibble less, and thus to him throwing more strikes, and thus to him walking fewer guys. The fact is, however, that almost everything everyone says about the ChiSox is wrong, so I'm going to assume Sutcliffe was simply saying that the defense is good, without any real thought going into it.
Certainly a good defense can only help a pitcher -- it might even compel him to throw a greater percentage of strikes. I just don't think adding Iguchi and Blum to the infield was the primary reason Garland improved as dramatically as he did. The guy is just better this year. Is the new defense a factor? Probably.

But we can all agree that Ozzie Guillen alone was worth a run or two off Garland's ERA.
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