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Monday, October 24, 2005


Blizzard of Ozz

We can look forward to way more Ozzie Guillen in the next couple of days.

Gene Wojciechowski is psyched. (Thanks to reader Andrew Kean for the link.)

Ozzie Guillen is the best thing to hit October since leaf blowers, hot chocolate and -- if you were at U.S. Cellular Field on Sunday evening -- Gore-Tex mittens. He is certainly the best thing for the White Sox, who won 7-6, in a game where you could see your breath and, if you looked hard, see the Houston Astros doing the World Series math in their heads.

Reporters love this guy. Makes sense. He says crazy things. Reporters can then report on those things. Makes their job easier.

The Ozzie Factor is visible everywhere. When Sox rookie closer Bobby Jenks blew a two-run ninth-inning lead Sunday evening, first baseman Paul Konerko met Guillen and the reliever near the mound.

"Don't worry about it," Konerko told Jenks. "We'll pick you up."

That's an Ozzie thing.

I thought it was a Bobby Cox thing. Or a Tito Francona thing. Or a thing about half the managers in baseball would do.

"One of my first rules," said Guillen. And the rule? "Nobody points fingers at anybody," he said.

April 16, 2005:

"It is good to have him [Frank Thomas] here because now he can see a winning attitude, because he was part of the bad attitude," Guillen told the Chicago Tribune. "Frank was a big part of the bad attitude."

Asked to define bad attitude, Guillen said, "Because he was here for 20 years and he was part of the bad attitude. He was a big part of the bad attitude. Why? Because he was their leader."

September 15, 2005:

Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen questions whether Damaso Marte is really hurt and criticized the reliever for showing up late for a game last weekend.

"If Marte's not ready to help this team, he can have a nice trip to the Dominican Republic by himself," Guillen said before the White Sox played Kansas City on Wednesday night.

"I don't want this kid just to make an excuse that he was hurt just because he was giving it up," Guillen said. "A lot of guys in this game give up home runs, base hits. I don't want him to use (it) as an excuse to fake an injury. I don't think he was. I just worry about the mental."

I'm also worried about the mental, Ozzie. Very worried.


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