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Sunday, December 04, 2005


Never a Better Time to Criticize a Guy

Than immediately after he's led his team to its first championship since the Cambrian explosion. That's why I'm here, preaching to the converted about how bad at managing Ozzie Guillen is.

Because he has no comprehension of how to maximize run-scoring based on actual player performance, Ozzie wants to move Juan Uribe up to second in the lineup.

Juan Uribe is absolutely terrible at not getting out. Terrible. He posted a .301 OBP last year, marginally more awful than his career OBP of .305. He's never even been within spitting distance of league average OBP.

Very enjoyable is the dry statistical rebuttal the Sun-Times writer inserts after Ozzie's crazy, unsubstantiated, nonsense argument:

''When we hit [Uribe] second in the past, he did a tremendous job,'' Guillen said. ''I just want to give Iguchi a real shot to be [the run producer] he is. That is my thought right now. It all depends on how Uribe handles it in spring training, but I really want Uribe to hit in that spot.''

Uribe got most of his at-bats (268) in the ninth spot and hit .250 there. He got 23 at-bats in the No. 2 spot and hit .174 with four hits and five strikeouts.

Bravo, Sun-Times Staff Reporter Chris De Luca.

I'm taking just a cursory glance at the Yahoo! White Sox stats page, and it appears that literally every White Sox regular has a higher OBP than Juan Uribe.

Manager of the Year.

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