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Sunday, March 19, 2006


Joe Morgan Doesn't Understand Independent Trials

While working the Japan-Korea WBC semifinal:

They've (Korea) been able to win six consecutive ballgames. And I think, in effect, Jon, I think that works against them a little bit here. We haven't seen other teams be able to beat the former other teams two times or three times in a row. Now, we saw Dominican beat Cuba last week. This week they couldn't beat 'em again. Now, we seen (sic) Korea beat Japan twice. Are they going to be able to do it a third time? Percentages say no.

Percentages? What percentages? The same percentages that say if you get heads twice, you'll probably get tails next?

No, Joe, if anything, the fact that Korea beat Japan twice would increase the chance they'll win again. It gives some indication -- not a very strong one, mind you (it's only two games) -- that Korea might be a little better than Japan, despite what everyone thought going into the tournament.

Only Joe Morgan could hypothesize that winning six consecutive games "works against" a team. God bless you, Joe.

Also, sir, you said that "we haven't seen other teams be able to beat the former other teams (don't know what "former other teams' means, but let's move on) two times or three times in a row." But, as you immediately point out next, contradicting yourself, "Korea already beat Japan twice." That's two times in a row. That's what twice means.

I'm so happy baseball is back.

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