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Thursday, March 16, 2006


More Krukie!

During Wednesday's Yankees-Astros game, on Robinson Cano:

"He might end up being one of the greatest players to wear the pin-stripes." (Hat tip: reader Jonathan)

I mean, he might, but what are the odds on that? 100 to 1? 500 to 1? We're talking about a franchise with a lot of pretty good players in its history. Cano is young, but he's like the 8th best position player on his own team.

He also said Cano "will win multiple batting title before he's done." (Hat tip: reader Peter)

Come on. He's had 522 AB with a .297 BA. Why would you even say that?

Put these two more crazy things up on the John Kruk Prediction Board!

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posted by Junior  # 4:15 PM
I'd say the odds of Robbie Cano becoming "one of the greatest players to wear the pinstripes" is more like 10,000 to 1. I mean, it's subjective, obviously, but will he be better than Ruth, Gehrig, Joe D, Mantle, Berra, or ARod? No. he will not. WIll he be better than Mattingly? Probably not. Will he be the best darn Robbie Cano he can be, which is all his mother and I ever wanted? Yes, dammit, yes he will.
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