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Thursday, April 06, 2006



Roy S. Johnson, who writes (used to write?) terribly for Sports Illustrated, was hired by to review ESPN's own reality show "Bonds on Bonds."

Roy S. Johnson just wrote one of the most amazing sentences I've ever read.


It was also clear that the producers, Tollin/Robbins Productions, award-winning creators of quality films ("Radio") and television shows ("Arli$$"), would tell the story well.

Yeah, these guys know their stuff! Radio? Arli$$? Money in the bank, motherf-er! Where do I sign up? You know this shit's going to be good! Damn!!! I hope they switch it up and make Radio the TV Show and Arli$$ the Movie! Or what about a crossover? Arli$$ Meets Radio! Here's the premise: Superagent Arli$$ Michaels (Robert Wuhl) signs a mysterious developmentally challenged football player known only as Radio (Omar Gooding (couldn't meet Cuba's asking price)) to a lucrative deal to be the player-mascot for the New Jersey Comets. The crusty old owner (James Cromwell) can't stand Radio's hilarious antics (his face reddens and he shakes his fist as he yells "Radio!!!" to the heavens), but the New Jersey fans learn to love Radio and adopt him as one of their own despite his league-leading 47 fumbles and 9 touchdowns for the opposing team. Can you imagine??!!

Then, hilariously:

(Disclosure: Tollin/Robbins partner Mike Tollin and I attended college together at Stanford, where we shared an interest in radio broadcasting and softball.)

No shit.

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