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Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Peter Gammons Is a Speed Addict

Can anything else explain the following, from his April 21st blog post?

[W]hile Carlos Delgado gives them a major presence in the middle of the order, the fact remains that their two best players are David Wright and Jose Reyes.

Stat monkey, fetch me the numbers, please. Thank you.

Carlos Delgado:
.412/.680/8 HR

Jose Reyes:
.276./.366/1 HR
7 SB, 2 CS

I don't care what Reyes is doing on defense, there's no way he's making up that difference in value. So Peter, when you say Delgado is a "major presence" in the lineup, you mean he's actually been a good baseball player. And when you say Reyes is one of the Mets' "two best players," you mean he has the worst OBP of any regular shorstop in 2006. That's right. Worse than Royce Clayton. Worse still than Yuniesky Betancourt.

Hey Gammo, care to explain yourself?

Joel Sherman and I agree on a lot of things, none more strongly than watching Jose Reyes hit the ball in the gap may be the best thing to watch in sports.

Oh. I see.


posted by Junior  # 3:52 PM
I'm assuming that this alludes to the old chestnut that the triple is the most exciting play in basball, but, frankly, I think that watching any player hit a ball into the gap and leg out a triple would be more exciting than a guy with Reyes's speed. Quick game -- who would you rather see hit a triple:

Jose Reyes or Geoff Jenkins?
Jose Reyes or Dmitri Young?
Jose Reyes or Olmedo Saenz?
Jose Reyes or Peter Gammons?
First of all:

Jose Reyes or Miguel Tejada?
Miguel Tejada or David Ortiz?
David Ortiz or Doug Mirabelli?
Peter Gammons or John Kruk?
John Kruk or Rob Neyer?
Wayne Huizenga or Paris Latsis?

Also, Junior -- am I to understand from your stat quoting that you have unilaterally decided to remove BA from the BA/OBP/SLG line we quote so often? If so, does this have anything to to with your laser eye surgery?
I requested that the doctor remove my batting average vision. I literally can't see any numbers that represent batting average. I don't foresee any problems with this in the future.
Ahhhhhh, what do you know? You never even played professional baseball.
Actually, I'm Mark Grace.
KT, you have no idea how much it warms my heart to see you make a Wayne Huizenga reference. You still got the goods, kiddo.
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