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Friday, June 16, 2006


Braves-Red Sox, FSN South

Chipper Jones, with the bases loaded, hits a sacrifice fly to right, scoring the barely moving Todd Pratt. The score is now 4-1, Sox. Here's Ron Gant:

Chipper does his job here. Yes, you would like to get a hit in this situation, or hit the ball out of the ballpark, but when you step up to the plate with the bases loaded or runners in scoring position, your job is to get that run at third base into home plate and that's what he did there. You know, like I said, you want to get a base hit, you want to be greedy as a hitter, but you get that run in, and, you know, that's a start. You need runs, and, you know, one right now is just as valuable as putting two or three on the board.

Long-winded, circuitous, hidebound, and he wraps up with an inane conclusion that's just completely untrue. Ron, do you really want to go on record as saying that one run is just as valuable as two or three? I think the only time that's true is when it's a tie game and the other guys aren't going to bat again. I do like that it's "greedy" for a major league hitter to shoot for getting a hit when he comes up to bat.

Meanwhile, did Harold Reynolds just say it's okay for college pitchers to throw 130+ pitches per start over on ESPN2? I need confirmation on this.

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