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Tuesday, August 29, 2006


FJM Gets Results

Someone at is keeping tabs on us. For six whole days, the Mike Celizic article that I just wrote about sat untouched, obvious factual and grammatical errors be damned.

Four and a half hours ago, I pointed some of the aforementioned errors out.

Two and a half hours ago, a few of them were fixed.

Can you imagine the possibilities if Joe Morgan read this site and forced ESPN to rerecord his audio for Sunday Night Baseball and air it again the following night, error- and banal Morganism-free?

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posted by Junior  # 12:33 AM
I saw the post title, and thought for a brief second that the BBWAA had agreed to use a combination of VORP, EqA and RC27 to determine the MVPs of each league.

Oh well. A boy can dream.
They've got to account for defense a little bit, don't they?

Your current AL MVP based on VORP: Travis Hafner. Your current NL MVP based on VORP: Albert Pujols.

And your MVPs based on EqA ... Hafner and Pujols.
You guys want to hear something amazing? That has nothing to do with this post?

Right now, on August 29, the 61-68 Atlanta Braves have a 3.16% chance of making the playoffs.

The 71-60 Boston Red Sox have a 2.93% chance of making the playoffs.

Also, the 62-69 Milwaukee Brewers have a 2.56% chance of making the playoffs. The Brew Crew are almost as likely to play in October as Boston.

Read all about it, in its PECOTA-adjusted glory, here.
I feel like we're kind of insulting our readers by pretending that the BP adjusted playoff odds report isn't the first thing they read every morning.
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