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Thursday, August 03, 2006


How Can You Contradict Bill Plaschke and Still Be Wrong?

The answer: you're John Kruk.

In my last post, I complained that Bill Plaschke was overhyping Julio Lugo's power to make Ned Colletti look good. Now, here's the part where you have to pay close attention. In this post, I'm going to complain that John Kruk isn't giving Julio Lugo's power enough credit.

Still with me? In today's Short Hops, Kruk wrote:

They [the Dodgers] also knew they needed to get power for the offense and a strong defensive player. Instead, they went out and got Julio Lugo. I'm sorry, but I can't see how Lugo helps with a power deficit or helps better that defense.

Well, like Plaschke said, at the time of the trade, Lugo was already tied for the team lead in home runs. I still stand by all the things I said about 12 home runs being not all that impressive and the fact that Lugo really isn't a 12-home-runs-in-73-games type player. But Krukie, let's not forget: when the Dodgers fill out their lineup card tonight, no one they pencil in will have a higher slugging percentage than Lugo on the year except Andre Ethier. That's how Lugo helps with the power deficit.

And if they happen to be playing him instead of say, Cesar Izturis, it's a huge gain.

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