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Monday, August 21, 2006


This Makes So Much Sense

FJM punching bag Mike HatGuy Celizic on FJM punching bag Colin Cowherd:

Colin Cowherd of ESPN radio may be the best sports-talk host in the country.

New readers, I urge you to take an hour out of your day to read Ken Tremendous' 50,000-word dismantling of Colin Cowherd. Then, read any random page in our archives and you'll probably find thirty responses to HatGuy.

I go out of my way to think of reasons to be late to the office just so I can listen to his show, which starts at 10 a.m. in New York.

What HatGuy is saying is that the only benefit of the Colin Cowherd radio show is that it increases the chances, however slightly, that HatGuy will miss his deadline and fail to turn in a HatGuy column.

If you read on in HatGuy's blog, you will find that he believes the mistake Paul LoDuca made was cheating on his wife with a "girl" instead of a "woman" because "girls blab" and "women don't talk."

It’s that simple.

Thanks, HatGuy!

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posted by Junior  # 2:26 PM
It's only 5972 words. 5973 if you include "Zzzzzzzz" as a word.
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