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Friday, October 06, 2006


Clog 'Em Up!

Rick Sutcliffe on Frank Thomas:

It's not the worst thing in the world to walk him -- he can clog up the bases for you.

Brad Radke declines this sage advice and gets Thomas to fly out. The next man up, Eric Chavez, homers.

** EDIT **

Sutcliffe won't stop:

Marco Scutaro has been an unheralded MVP for the A's....He's been so important to them. There are so many people who have been talking about him as their MVP this year.

Scutaro on the year: 117 games, .266/.350/.397, 5 HR, 41 RBI.

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posted by Junior  # 4:56 PM
Dude, his name is Scutaro. That has "scoot" in it. He's a scooter. He scoots along the bases. He's a grinder. A throw-back. A little waterbug. He has heart and he hustles. He's a small guy with a big-time heart. Why can't you or your so-called "statistics" see that? You take all the Nick Swishers and Frank Thomases you want, for MVP. I will take a team of 100 Marco Scutaros, and a few skateboards and some beanies with propellers on the top, and I will out-throw-back your team of statistically superior, "better," "good" players any day of the week.
Also, sorry if my posts aren't that funny -- I'm not feeling well. I think I might have caught speed from Endy Chavez. If you have infectious-grade speed, you really shouldn't come to work.
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