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Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Let's Look Again at the Holiday Inn Look Again Award

Remember two days ago, when we made fun of this horribly conceived award?

Once again, this is what Holiday Inn claims to be recognizing:

Behind every great team on the diamond, lurking in the shadow of baseball superstars, live the role players who sacrifice for their team in often unrecognized effort. Which of these role players' best deserves recognition for their contributions as the Holiday Inn Look Again Player of the Year?

Well, the guy who's running away with this thing has his own fucking cereal. How's that for a lifetime of unrecognized lurking in the shadows? It's about damn time we give this two-time All-Star and final Babe Ruth Award winner a little well-deserved recognition.

Since we last checked in, little Eck has extended his share from 30% to 31%. It's just like in real life -- the ball's already over the fence, but Eck's still sprinting home.

P.S. If you'd like to buy some Ecks O's, go here. They're eleven dollars and they increase your susceptibility to skin cancer by 300%. Pregnant or nursing mothers should avoid Ecks O's as they are known to cause birth defects such as dwarfism and Too Much Hustle disorder (TMH).

Thanks to reader Patrick for the tips.


posted by Junior  # 3:01 PM
And hey, about that 2002 Babe Ruth Award (ostensibly given to the best player in the World Series), reader Jonathan chimes in:

I think you might already be aware of this, but if you look at the 2002 World Series you'll find:

Troy Glaus: .385/.467/.846, 3 HR, 3 2B
Tim Salmon: .346/.452/.615, 2 HR
Bengie Molina: .286/.375/.381
Darin Erstad: .300/.312/.500
David Eckstein: .310/.364/.310 (that's right, zero XBH)

And, for good measure:

Barry Bonds: .471/.700/1.294, 4 HR, 2 2B, 13 BB (it may be cheesy, but those are beyond even video-game numbers)
J.T. Snow: .407/.448/.556, 1 HR
Jeff Kent: .276/.290/.621, 3 HR

Not only was David Eckstein wholly undeserving of an award that should have gone to Bonds (or at least Glaus), he was one of the very worst players on either team during the entire series.

Maybe that's why the award was immediately discontinued after Eckstein won it.
Youi know what's weird about that? Glaus, Salmon, Erstad, Snow, and Kent are all white. Which means that Eck's Scrappy Power is so high, he even beats out other white dudes for Scrappiness Awards.
Wouldn't "Eck-O's" be a better name than the linguistically awkward "Ecks-O's?"

Although, I guess you'd just be asking for a trademark infringement lawsuit from Marc Ecko.
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