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Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Somebody Hurt Richard Justice's Feelings

And A-Rod's probably not going to be traded. But let's look at Justice's latest post, anyway. For fun.

You're wrong about A-Rod (and you're bald, too)

Who called him bald? That's just mean and unimaginative. Don't do that.

Friends, I come to you today with a heavy heart. No use hiding my feelings. You've hurt me too much already. I understand that sometimes we disagree on things. That's one of the reasons blogs exist. The other reason they exist is there are a lot of fat, unemployed right-wingers with computers, but let's not go there.

Caught us. Between the three of us, dak, KT and I weigh approximately 1,100 pounds. Also, "Murbles" is Paul Wolfowitz.

I'm hurt because some of you disagree with me about A-Rod. You don't just disagree. You think I'm an idiot for not wanting to bring him to the Astros. And you're not afraid to say I'm an idiot.

Yes, I disagree with the anti-A-Rod arguments you presented, some of which included:

the guy is walking, talking distraction

If the Astros get A-Rod, they ought to go get Terrell Owens

Players like that don't win. They split locker rooms.

A-Rod would see Houston as a trip back to Double-A ball.

He'd separate himself from the other players.

He'd let everyone know he was different.

He'd care nothing about his teammates.

when the game is on the line, when it really counts, he's the last guy on earth you want on the plate.

There still has to be a feeling of oneness, a feeling that we're all in this together.

if Derek Jeter doesn't like you--and Derek Jeter has embraced a lot of different guys over the years--there's a problem.

I think some of those arguments are unfounded speculation. Some are demonstrably false. I don't think any of them overwhelm the potential on-field contributions A-Rod could make.

Being opened-minded and all, let's look at some of the posts...

Opened-minded? Blogging without an editor is hard.

My question to you Richard is why you have now completly changed your opinion about A-Rod....

Yes, I have. Last summer, I believe he was worth a gamble. That was a half-season ago. He has said too much since then, failed too many times.

In that half-season, A-Rod posted a .939 OPS. In the month of September: 1.157. But again: let's look at four games and damn him forever as a guy who can't win.

I'm more convinced than ever than he's not the guy you'd want on a winning team. And his problems of hitting in the clutch can't be ignored.

In four games between September 19 and September 24, A-Rod went 0-12. Was this because he couldn't handle the mid-September pressure of performing with a double-digit division lead? Was it because he wilted in the crucible of New York pressure? Was it because he wasn't one with his team?

In the next five games, he went 9-15 with a homer, three doubles, six runs and five RBI. What happened? All of these games were equally meaningless, like all regular-season games, right? He shouldn't have been affected by his insane anti-clutchness.

The issue isn't if he's better than Adam Everett. It's much simpler. Do you want A-Rod with the Astros?

I don't personally care about the Astros at all. I think A-Rod might help their offense, sure. And I think if you're a GM and you're looking to trade for somebody, you have to look at where they're going to play and whom they're going to replace. That's common sense. It helps you a lot more to replace Adam Everett than it does to replace, say, Lance Berkman. A valid point you could've brought up against A-Rod is to question whether he could ever move back to shortstop or whether he's now committed to third base because of extra weight he's put on.

Roll these numbers around before you answer:

• He's hitless in 15 consecutive postseason at-bats with runners in scoring position. That streak extends back to a 2004 series against the Twins.

Oops, I already answered. But I'll answer again. Hey, funny you should mention the 2004 ALDS against the Twins. Let's take a trip to A-Rod's Baseball Reference page and see how he did in that series. Here we go: .421/.476/.737, 1 HR, 3 2B, 3 R, 3 RBI. What you're implying is that since then, A-Rod has irrevocably transformed into a player who is unlikely to ever do that again. Do you honestly believe this because of a 15-AB sample stretched over three years and four different playoff series?

• He got the ball out of the infield twice in 15 at-bats in those 15 at-bats. He struck out six times.

Twice in 15 at-bats in those 15 at-bats? Blogging without an editor is really hard.

Please Richard Justice, explain to me why Adam Everett is a better shortstop than A-Rod. In 1500 words or less. Please?

That's not the issue. A-Rod is a better player than Adam Everett. It's a simpler issue than even that. Do you want A-Rod in your clubhouse? No, you don't.

Let me explain what Richard Justice seems to be saying here:

Negative effect of A-Rod in clubhouse >> Positive effect of A-Rod actually playing baseball and doing baseball things baseball-wise on a baseball field

Okay. If that's your opinion, you're entitled to it.

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