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Friday, October 27, 2006


This is Getting RidEckulous, Parts III and IV

Seriously. These are two more articles. Different ones, by different writers -- yet the same. Here's the first.

easy to underestimate and even easier to overlook
heart and soul
fundamentally sound
110 (percent)
give it all you've got
5-foot-7, 165 pounds (with lead-soled platform shoes on)
fingers mashed during a bunt attempt
shoulder strained in a dive
"Toughest guy I've ever seen in uniform," (same La Russa quote)
"He's the definition of a clutch player." (ditto)
like a gnat – annoyingly persistent and impossible to deter
buzzing around your head
the honest-faced Eckstein
looks more like your paperboy
catalyst of the then-Anaheim Angels' 2002 championship team
the grit and soul of this team

Not done yet. Here's another paean.

small in stature, but comes up big again
David Eckstein puts everything he has into it
every muscle, every fiber, every boney little bone
The man is 5-7 and 165 pounds
Eckstein knew he was playing his role
"He's the definition of a clutch player," (La Russa quote again)
No ego
everything he had into it - every muscle, every fiber, every boney little bone (the guy actually wrote this out again in case we forgot his awesome first paragraph)


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