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Tuesday, October 17, 2006


What Do You Think?

I'm having a hard time making up my mind. Dave Newhouse, a writer for Inside Bay Area, just wrote a column called

The right man for A's job: Dusty Baker

This is, to say the least, unconventional thinking. He goes on:

THE OAKLAND A'S need a new manager, but not just any ordinary manager. They need that special someone who can carry them back to the World Series.

There is just such a man, and he is so obviously right for the job, Billy Beane should pick up the phone and hire him on the spot. Call collect, Billy, if necessary.

Dusty Baker is your man.

Remember, Billy Beane is a man who likes to clog up the basepaths. And we believe that Dusty Baker is the man who first disparaged clogging up the basepaths. These people, if I'm correctly identifying them, probably would not get along, especially not as co-workers.

If Beane hires Baker, maybe Barry Zito would take a few million less to play for this thoughtful man, who brings food to his players.

Although there's always that. Dusty makes a terrific baked ziti.

I'm thoroughly confused here. Did Dave Newhouse, someone who covers Bay Area baseball for a living, not read Moneyball? Did he read Moneyball and choose to willfully ignore all of the information contained within it? Does he not know who Dusty Baker is?

I'm going to go ahead and let you guys decide.

Dave Newhouse ...
hasn't read Moneyball.
has read Moneyball, but suffered a memory-altering BMX biking accident shortly thereafter
is the nom de plume of Dusty Baker
is a time traveler from the future posing as an online sportswriter but is doing poorly because he has to save the world from an impending disaster
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posted by Junior  # 4:11 PM
When I vote in polls, I like to pick what I deem to be the "funniest" answer rather than what I believe to be true. Imagine my surprise when my choice (B) was revealed to be the LEAST popular of the four. Even less than the REAL answer, which is quite obviously (C). And imagine my further surprise when I saw that over 2,000 humans had voted in this poll! Our readers' dedication is a source of constant pride.

Anyway, my point is: we should have more polls.
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