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Thursday, November 23, 2006


A Very Eckstein Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, let's all bow our heads and give thanks that finally, finally somebody is recognizing the unheralded, virtual -- no, total -- unknown David Eckstein. Or should I say 2006 Holiday Inn National League Look Again Player of the Year David Eckstein.

If intangibles were a quantifiable statistic, Eckstein would surely rank among the league leaders in that category.

No. The league leader. This is akin to saying "If water were fire, surely the ocean would be a truly fiery place."


Mm, yes. Mm-hm.

there is absolutely no doubt that our club responds to how hard he plays

Yes. No doubt at all. Proven. Science.

he's more than just guts,

He's also heart, which is not a gut. Also, who cares about this, but Brandon Inge won or something

In spite of his pedestrian stature

because he was


In conclusion,

it isn't dumb luck that the year's top role players came from the season's World Series opponents.

No. It's because the awards were determined by fan voting during the month of October, a month in which the Cardinals and Tigers played more games than anybody else. That's why.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


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