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Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Yes, We Certainly Shouldn't Make a Big Deal Out of This; After All, You Would Never Do Something Like That Yourself

Scoop Jackson has written one of the ol' "people are making too big a deal out of this insignificant thing that I will devote an entire column to" column:

A molehill of an issue

Has it really come to this?

A team that is expected to be one of the elite teams in its conference and possibly battle for a trip to the NBA Finals opens the season at 4-9, and when it finally wins on the road after losing six in a row, we're sitting here talking about headbands.


So we see here that Scoop thinks the basketball issues are more important than the headband issue. (It's fun to imagine Scoop saying "Headbands?" like Jim Mora said "Playoffs?") Fine. But wait: later on in the very same article, Scoop writes:

See, what Wallace should do, since he's on this defiant trip, is tell Paxson, "OK, I'll abide by the headband rule if you stop letting (or giving away, as the Bulls did during the home opener to welcome him) fans wear those back-to-slavery Buckwheat wigs during games."

Goofy, dumb Ben Wallace wigs are "back-to-slavery"-level racist? Wow. Remember, this column has the word "molehill" in its title.

Let's see what Ben thinks about the wigs.

The Bulls center seemingly has no problem with the team using his hair as a marketing tool.

''You always want to give the fans something they can relate to, something they can have a little fun with,'' Wallace said. ''When we get the fans in there and they've got their wigs on, that lets you know they're definitely going to be into the game."

I guess he didn't read the article, because then he would have learned two important lessons. One: don't make mountains out of molehills, and two: afro wigs equal slavery.


posted by Junior  # 5:06 PM
Thanks to everyone who pointed out my mistake of writing Herm Edwards instead of Jim Mora.

It's because Herm Edwards also said something very entertaining that I've seen over and over again ("You play to win the game.")
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