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Wednesday, July 20, 2005


FJM Looks Back

From Joe Morgan's Chat of May 23, excerpted in our archives.

Mike: (Howell,NJ): Joe, How do you think Giambi looked at the plate over the West Coast trip? Is he coming around or is he never going to be that intimidating force at the plate again?

Joe Morgan: I think the problem is still how will he get his ABs? What about Bernie Williams? Ruben Sierra? Both gave the Yankees more than Giambi last season. The problem I have is watching Bernie hit a GS to win the game and then he doesn't play the next day but Giambi does and goes 1-4? Bernie is just as important is Giambi. He helped them win 4 WS titles.

Ken Tremendous: Okay, I really didn't want to interrupt here, but this has multiple problems. 1) You didn't answer the guy's question. At all. 2) Ruben Sierra is injured. 3) Bernie Williams sucks. 4) Giambi's numbers are better than both Ruben Sierra's and Bernie Wiliams's. And it is fabulously, wonderfully irrelevant that Bernie Williams helped the Yankees win 4 World Series titles. I dealt with this in a previous post, which you clearly have not read. 5) Are you serious when you are angry because Giambi went 1-4 in a game after Bernie hit a grand slam to win a game? Do you know what a small sample size is? Do you know what anything is? Have you seen a baseball game, ever? Please. Just try to answer people's questions.

Just a quick check-in: Giambi currently: .937 OPS. Bernie: the worst centerfielder in baseball. Joe Morgan: has yet to admit his mistake.

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posted by Unknown  # 8:49 PM
Sometimes it seems like Joe Morgan isn't even reading this site anymore.
I think Jason really took offense at Joe's comments.

In the month of June: .474 OBP; .905 OPS. In the month of July (46 AB): .541 OBP; 1.541 OPS; 8 HR!

This guy's ability to get on base is simply incredible. Once he gets the minimum number of plate appearances he'll easily lead the league in OBP, and he's only hitting .284 because he was so terrible in April and May.

Right now his OBP for the year is .437; first in the majors is A-Rod at .417.
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