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Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Harold Reynolds, You Wonderful Idiot

Harold Reynolds, on why the AL's lineup is favored over the NL.

"Their offense is so versatile. They can bunt. They can steal..."

What kind of All Star Game do baseball analysts want to see, anyway? It's bad enough we have to deal with all this David Eckstein ball-washing, but do you really want to see David Ortiz lay one down so A-Rod gets into scoring position? If anyone on the AL tries to bunt, I will give Harold Reynolds 1,000 dollars. That even goes for you, Scott Podsednik.

*Bonus John Kruk Coverage!*

Matchup John Kruk is most looking forward to seeing:

Vladimir Guerrero vs. Billy Wagner

Has John Kruk ever seen an All Star game? Is he aware that by the time Billy Wagner gets into the game, Guerrero will be long gone? I mean, maybe Francona keeps him in till the seventh, but that seems highly unlikely. Although...I hear that this time the All Star Game does count.

posted by Murbles  # 11:46 AM
i guess guerrero and wagner never faced each other all the years they spent in the NL together
I laughed out loud when Krukie said that. He said something like he likes that matchup because it was the fastest fastball vs. the most violent swing and when the ball meets the bat who knows what will happen.
And as he said this the bottom of the screen read something like "lifetime Guerero vs. Wagner 1-14, 11K"
Didn't happen. I don't know why Kruk thought it would.
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