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Wednesday, July 06, 2005


I didn't expect him to say this...

I heard Dave Stone say this on LA's ESPN Radio this morning (paraphrased, but not at all embellished):

Great athletes rise to the occasion. They hit the big shot. They get the clutch hit. And one of those guys is Bengie Molina.

This was said because Molina hit a solo, game-winning HR to break a 1-1 tie in the FIFTH INNING of last night's Twins-Angels game.

posted by anthony baseball  # 1:00 PM
On a topic unrelated to B. Molina but related to the possible firing of Mr. Joe Morgan, during a game he was doing, I believe Monday night, a player attempted to bunt with a runner on first and popped out to the catcher in the process.

It was simply a case of the player attempting to bunt a ball that was extremely low in the strike zone; therefore as it crossed the plate the player lowered his bat quickly and in doing so did not make solid contact with the ball.

But Mr. Morgan stated, almost immediately upon seeing the ball caught by the catcher, that the batter popped out because he was already making his move to first base; and rather than sacrificing he was actually trying to bunt his way on.

The replay, which in Paul McGwire fashion he told viewers they should watch, shsowed the batter make no such move to first base at all. A second look at the replay, same angle, was met only with Mr. Morgan's conformation that the player indeed had begun running to first too soon- therefore causing apop-up.

I am not a baseball expert but I do know that the replay showed him to be wrong despite his talking right over it; and also, isn't a drag bunt a bunt where the left handed batter starts to move like Ichiro as he is making contact? Wouldn't all drag bunt attempts, using Mr. Morgan's logic, then result in popouts?
In case you guys haven't seen this yet. An article in SF Weekly that's basically an interview and info peice on Morgan's pure hatred of Moneyball. It's an excellent read, and shows that Morgan is not just stupid, but intensely mean.
Andrew, thank you for that link. Seriously, thank you.
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