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Saturday, July 16, 2005


Not exactly about baseball, but still wrong.

Sox - Yanks broadcast.
McCarver notes that with all the stars missing from the Yankees starting rotation, going to see the Yankees these days is like going to a broadway show and seeing nothing but understudies.
Then, Joe Buck jumps in, trying to get his piece of the hilarity pie:

"Tonight, playing the part of Matthew Broderick...Skippy Johnson."

I don't know. Maybe there is a Broadway show with a character called Matthew Broderick. Maybe?

Bonus Round! This is about baseball. McCarver and Buck both kept talking about how middle relief (especially in a game where one team goes ahead early, such as today's Sox - Yanks game) is never fully appreciated. This went on for quite some time. Then, as if to prove these 2 professional idiots wrong, the Sox fans gave Jeremi Gonzalez a standing ovation after pitching 3 1/3 innings of middle relief.

posted by dak  # 3:59 PM
Believe it or not, I briefly considered posting about the understudy comment as well.

It sounded to me like Buck said the name "Skimmy Johnson," which is a fantastic name for a Broadway understudy.
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