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Monday, August 01, 2005



USA Today is reporting that Raffy Palmeiro has been suspended for steroids.

If true, please disregard all of my pro-Hall of Fame arguments below.

Thank you.



posted by Unknown  # 1:06 PM
It seems like a better question than "Who took steroids to achieve their crazy hitting statistics?" is "Who didn't take steroids to achieve their crazy hitting statistics?"

Off the top of my head -- A-Rod, Ken Griffey, Jr.?

Manny and Vlad?
The impressive thing about Raffy is not that a lot of steroids gave him huge hitting numbers in any given year, rather that he was able to take modest amounts of steroids so consistently over the course of his career.
All those years of intense, massive steroid use and he NEVER went on the DL?

He's in my Hall of Fame.
One thing about this story for which we can all be thankful is the massive amount of hilarious "performance enhancing drugs-Viagra" jokes that are flooding the internet right now.
Also, on a more serious note, I do not take back my pro-Raffy HOF arguments. Sure he was dumb enough to get caught, but come on. Everyone's on the juice, and he's put up better numbers than most.

Curious that Barry announces he's shutting it down for the season on the same day, though, no?
I'm having a hard time wrestling with this one. Is it fair to treat everyone from the Steroid Era the same regardless of whether they were ever actually caught using? Because that's what I'm learning toward. In which case Palmeiro still gets my non-existent vote for the Hall.

How can you block Raffy with one hand and wave McGwire and Sosa in with the other?
Frankly, I'm not sure I would wave Sosa in. His numbers jumps, physical appearance changes, and insane decline lead even the most naive cub reporter to conclude that he is juiced to the gills. Ditto McGwire. If I were a HOF voter, I think I would at the very least hold off on their first years of eligibility. Raffy, on the other hand, was dumb enough to stare people down and lie to them, under oath, in a new era where there was actually testing, and he got caught. History will not be kind fo McGwire and Sosa, but it will be unkinder still to Raffy, who made us all believe for a brief minute that some players in the Roid Era were actually clean. For this he gets no quarter from this non-HOF voter. And while I'm on the subject, can someone please, please tell me why no one is angry at Gary Sheffield, who publicly admitted to the exact same crime Bonds admitted to (the old "I didn't know what was in that stuff" defense), and who got off scott-free?
The whole McGwire-Sosa single season home run record chase looks pretty silly, now, doesn't it?

For the record, I'm not 100% sold on Sosa either. But while guys like Sosa and McGwire are the obvious targets for Hall exclusion, isn't it very possible that some other candidates were juicing too? Should they get off just because they didn't shatter one of baseball's most hallowed records?

I'm talking about guys like Frank Thomas, Jeff Bagwell, Mike Piazza, Jim Thome, etc. Maybe all of these guys juiced. Maybe none of them did. But how will we ever know?
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