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Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Did I Miss Something?

After the 3rd quarter of the Champs Sports Bowl today, a guy named Andrew Rizzo had the chance to toss a football through a tiny hole from 30 yards out for a million bucks. He came up about six yards short. Then the on-field MC presented him a check for $1000 and said, very loudly:

"Let's here it for Andrew Rizzo -- a winner in every sense of the word!"

Except, I guess, for the sense of the word "winner" that means "someone who [just] won a contest."

On a side note, I'd like to mention that amazingly, against all odds, even though I've seen a thousand of them, I am always -- ALWAYS -- excited to watch a dude try to toss/shoot/kick something through a hole in a piece of wood for money.

posted by Unknown  # 7:35 PM
Tonight, at halftime of the Clippers-Kings game, ten tiny children played a full-court game of basketball. Score was not kept.

That and a caramel apple I ate were the best parts of the evening.
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