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Tuesday, December 13, 2005


From "Whoop!" To Gravitas In Under 30 Seconds

The last 3 of Chris Berman's top 10 plays of the week:

3. Seattle Seahawks defense on Monday Night Football
2. Reggie Bush wins the Heisman Trophy
1. Remembering the attack on Pearl Harbor

About 40th on a list of "What's Wrong With This?" is that Chris Berman refuses to go along with everyone else's definition of the word "play."

BONUS! I have a "Boomerism" for Boomer himself. Ready?

Chris "Loren" Berman.

Loren Berman is a girl I went to high school with. I am willing to put this up against "Ben 'Winter' Coates" any day of the week.

posted by dak  # 3:26 AM
To be fair, that sports play when everyone remembered Pearl Harbor was pretty sweet.

BONUS: Here's my Boomerism for dak:

d "b" k
It sure was weird a couple of months ago when "Remembering the heroes of September 11" was beaten by a nice barehanded grab Royce Clayton made against the Brewers. You could hear the crew in the studio gasp when Boomer said "Number 2 ... a tragic day in American history."

At least the grab was a play, though.
Fire "Cup o'" Joe Morgan
Fire Joe "Less is" Morgan
Fire "-wire" Joe Morgan
Fire "-y Furnaces" Joe Morgan
Fire Joe "Atlanta Braves Assistant GM Dayton" Morgan
Fire Joe "Renaissance author and Catholic martyr Sir Thomas" Morgan
Presenting Chris Berman's Top 10 Plays of the 20th Century:

10. Ozzie Smith's Barehanded Grab Off That Bouncer Up the Middle.
9. The Yalta Conference
8. Emmitt Smith Breaks Walter Payton's All-Time Rushing Record
7. Willie Mays in the '54 Series
6. Cuban Missile Crisis
5. Bobby Orr's Number Retired at the Garden
4. Berlin Wall Falls
3. Bobby Thompson, 1951
2. Remembering the Victims of 9/11
1. Mike Alstott (Bffft! Bffft!) Ploughs in from the Six for his Second TD of the Game Against the Panthers, December, 2003
11. Shaq double-double against the Grizzlies, November 2000
I appreciate that three of Berman's Top 10 of the 20th century are from the 21st century.
Shit. And I was really proud of that post, too.
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