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Thursday, April 28, 2005


Joe Morgan is Bad at His Job

Here's a nice tidbit from a few days ago...

"Any time a team has a proven manager like Frank Robinson on the bench it has a chance to have a good season, but the biggest difference for the Washington Nationals have been the offseason acquisitions, starting with former Angels outfielder Jose Guillen.

Because of the way Guillen's season ended in 2004 – suspended by the Angels for the last 14 games of the year due to insubordination – he is out to prove he is not a bad guy and that he can help a team. Veterans like Vinny Castilla and Cristian Guzman are the kinds of players who will thrive in the nation's capital."

First of all, is Frank Robinson really a "proven" manager? He has won 87 games exactly twice in 14 years. His lifetime winning percentage is .476. He was a hall of fame player, but is a mediocre manager at best. Granted, he has often managed bad teams, but come on.

Second, what do the two sentences in the second paragraph have to do with each other? And further, look at the last sentence again. Why would being a veteran make one "thrive" in Washington DC? That's gibberish. And for good measure, Guzman is one of the worst off-season acquisitions in years. He was given something like $16 million for three years, thanks to his robust .301 lifetime OBP. He is currently the author of a .229 OBP and a .266 SLG. Which is hard to do.

I don't have any jokes here. Too tired. Tired, but vigilant.

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