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Sunday, May 15, 2005


And Who's Going to Beat Bonds's Record? Tino Martinez?

Harold Reynolds, perhaps upset at the lack of him-related posts on this board, steps up big tonight during a discussion of who is going to break Joe DiMaggio's 56-game hitting streak. John Kruk, in a remarkably un-Joe-Morgan-like moment, suggested Ichiro. That makes sense, considering that Ichiro set an all-time season mark for hits last year. Does HR agree?:

"I don't think that anybody's going to do it," Reynolds said on Sunday. "But if anyone could, [Brian Roberts would be the guy]. Here's four quick reasons why. One: The lineup he's in. Two: He's a switch-hitter. Three: He's a guy who can bunt for hits. Four: He's the kind of hitter who's going to see a lot of fastballs."

One: the line-up he's in? Ichiro was in a terrible line-up last year. And he had like 500 hits.

Two: He's a switch hitter. Joe Dimaggio was not a switch hitter. Nor were 90% of the greatest hitters in history. Granted, Pete Rose was, so this isn't an entirely stupid thing to say. But...

Three: He can bunt for hits? Ichiro can't? Have you watched Ichiro play recently? He gets like four infield hits a game. He beats out routine grounders to the left side. He beat out a *smashed* grounder to *first* against Boston yesterday. Nobody, and I mean nobody, gets more infield hits than Ichiro.

Four: He's the kind of hitter who sees a lot of fastballs. Okay. Great. I think HR means that he gets a lot of fastballs because the rest of the line-up is good, which is point #1 that he made. Right? Can anyone think of another reason?

Also, Brian Roberts? He's had a really good six weeks. And he's got the best chance to break a record most think is unbreakable. Not Albert Pujols. Not Ichiro, the guy who has AVERAGED 231 hits a season over his first four full seasons. Brian Roberts.

Congratulations, Harold Joe Reynolds Morgan! We are on notice: you will not be out-retarded!


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