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Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Joe Morgan Pulls a Joe Morgan

In re: the article below: my goodness. Joe Morgan, in an article ostensibly about Tino Martinez and his leadership of the Yankees, suddenly and inexplicably starts talking about Roger Clemens:

"Debating Clemens' Place in History
Given Clemens' continued success (3-1, 1.11 ERA), some have said he is the greatest living pitcher. But, to me, he isn't better than Bob Gibson or Sandy Koufax (and perhaps Tom Seaver or Steve Carlton). And I'm as big a fan of Roger Clemens as there is – not only because of his pitching but also because I admire him as a person.

"Clemens' longevity and sustained excellence are impressive, and so are his record seven Cy Young awards. But at this point, I won't say he's the greatest living pitcher. I've never seen Clemens win the seventh game of a World Series, but I have seen Gibson and Koufax do just that."

So, Clemens isn't as good as Sandy Koufax or Bob Gibson because he hasn't won a Game 7? That is wonderfully stupid. Clemens has had some memorable post-season failures, but he also threw a two-hitter in the 2000 World Series and since he left Boston has been pretty damned good. In seven WS starts he's 3-0 with a 1.90 ERA, has given up 33 H in 47.3 IP, and has a 48/12 K/BB. But he's never won a Game Seven -- even though he pitched very very well in Game Seven against the D-Backs in 2001, but the Yankees only scored one run for him -- so he's not as good as Gibson or Koufax. That's like saying he's not as good as Len Barker because he's never thrown a perfect game. Or that Cal Ripken isn't as good as Bert Campenaris because Ripken never played all 9 positions in one nine-inning game.

Morgan continues:

"I've always said that Willie Mays is the greatest player I ever saw, though some guys have better numbers (Hank Aaron hit more home runs, Roberto Clemente had a higher batting average). But Mays is still the best I saw."

This is a poorly-written paragraph. (Not as bad as some he's written.) But this is a poorly-written paragraph.

"Clemens belongs in the same category as elite pitchers like Gibson and Koufax – but he isn't better than them. If my team needed to win Game 7 in the World Series, I'd want Gibson or Koufax on the mound. Remember, this is subjective. Someone else might pick Clemens in that situation, and he would be a good choice. He just wouldn't be my choice."

How many times is he going to explain this? And how does this have anything to do with Tino Martinez? Oh, wait -- here we go:

"Back to the Yankees: Torre is facing a dilemma with the DH position. Since a lineup shakeup moved Matsui to center field, the Yanks have three hitters for one DH spot: Jason Giambi, Bernie Williams (the usual CF) and Ruben Sierra (when he comes off the disabled list)... I'm just trying to figure out how he and Williams (and later Sierra) will get at-bats.

"Remember, Williams was part of four Yankee world championships, whereas Giambi has yet to help the Yankees win a World Series. So I don't see how the Yankees can push Bernie aside by focusing on getting at-bats for Giambi. Yes, Giambi has won an MVP, but this decision must been based on current performance."

If you want to base it on current performance, what does Williams winning World Series rings, or Giambi not winning World Series rings, have to do with anything? Seriously, does he even read these things before he posts them?

But, fine, okay. Let's base it on current performance.

Williams: .246/.315/.333/.648
Giambi: .227/.390/.371/.761

There is no question who should be the Yankee DH right now. Williams is done. Giambi is almost done, but he's 120 OPS points less done than Williams.

Why am I upset about this? I hope the Yankees listen to him. Play Bernie Williams because he won World Series rings. Trade Matsui and ARod for Adam Kennedy, because neither Matsui nor ARod has ever hit three home runs in a postseason game. Get rid of Mike Mussina because he's never eaten a hundred hot dogs in less than an hour.

I am honestly beginning to wonder whether Joe Morgan has ever played in, seen, or heard about a major league baseball game.

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