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Sunday, May 29, 2005


Oh My God.

Joe Morgan: I have to say, I was a little surprised when all this came up, when Bernie Williams was benched...they were trying to find at bats for everyone but Bernie, and I was saying, Bernie was the one who helped them win 4 out of 5 world championships in the 90's, and I was surprised they weren't trying to find him more AB's.

Ken Tremendous: [out loud, to no one] Joe, come *on.* Who the fuck cares how many world championships he has won?!

Ken Tremendous's Fiancee: [from other room] Who are you talking to?

Ken Tremendous:'s hard to explain.

Flourish. Exeuent. Curtain.

[see previous posts, if you haven't already, for explication of Ken's anger]

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posted by Ken Tremendous  # 9:01 PM
Ken, dak here.
Just let me know if your fiancee would like to join FJM.
Or maybe she should start her own blog, that's just about your posts on FJM?
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