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Wednesday, May 25, 2005


On Indispensability

In Buster Olney's May musings, he looks at the potential impact that losing Mark Loretta will have on the Padres and compiles a list of the position player that each team could ill-afford to lose. We all know where this is going, but I thought I'd continue anyway. The Yankees entry is of course Jeter, despite the fact that A) he hasn't won shit without Brosius, B) I seem to remember Jeter missing the first month of the season two years ago. The catastrophic result? The team went 18-3, best start in club history. Why doesn't anyone remember this? The Yanks win in spite of Jeter, a good contact hitter who often struggles defensively and is prone to take that extra base that causes announcers to have a spontaneous orgasm. We have seen this season what happens to this team when A-Rod (or Tino, for that matter) doesn't hit for them.

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