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Saturday, May 28, 2005


Try to Stop Joe Morgan from Chatting. Just Try.

Greg (Tallahassee,FL): Joe, with all the controversy still out there about steroids and such, shouldn't MLB try to push young players like David Wright, Jose Reyes, Clint Barmes and Justin Morneau? It seems like they are pushing superstars who are still questionable...Instead of young players who play hard.

Joe Morgan: Well, I think you answer your own question, Greg. The big names start are only 'questionable' NOT proven.

Ken Tremendous: (looking around for help) What?

Seymour (Brooklyn): Joe, as far as best players in the game today are concerned, where do you rank The Captain - Derek Jeter?

Joe Morgan: Well, I think Miguel Tejada is the best player in the game for everything that he adds and brings to the field each day. I think Alex Rodriguez is next on that list. I don't know where Jeter would rank, obviously he's one of the best players, and he does bring the intangibles like leadership, etc. ... but he's not better than Miguel Tejada. I'd say Derek Jeter is in the top 8 or 10 best in the game today.

Ken Tremendous: Jeter is having a decent year -- one of his better starts. There are still 24 players with a higher RC27 in the AL alone. Prefer stupid stats like BA? Okay. He's 16th in the AL. SLG? Not in the top 40. Remember -- this is AL only. He also has the 5th lowest ZR in all of baseball. He is not one of the 8 or 10 best players in the game today. He is one of the 60 best, perhaps. You should be fired, Joe Morgan.

Chris, Toronto: Are the Blue Jays for real? What do they need in order to seriously make a run at a playoff spot?

Joe Morgan: Well, they've definitely improved over last year's team, but I think in the long run, they'll still miss Delgado's bat. I just can't see the Blue Jays beating out the Yankees ... BUT, anything IS possible.

Ken Tremendous: Joe, the question was, "What do they need in order to seriously make a run at a playoff spot?" You should try answering the question. It makes the chats more fun!

Sean (Washington DC): Joe, you mention "intangibles" Do you think that most players understand and believe in them (such things as clubhouse chemistry, baseball IQ, etc. because I do and I think a lot of fans do but there seem to be quite a few analysts and reporters who think they are overrated. What's your take?

Ken Tremendous: Now, Joe, before you answer, remember. You are an analyst. You have to be smart, and current, and knowledgeable. You have to correct people when they are wrong, and express, in clear, concise language, opinions and facts based on empirical evidence. Okay? Great. So, the question is about "intangibles," which are pretty irrelevant and meaningless. So, let the guy have it!

Joe Morgan: Well, Sean, I agree with YOU. Those intangibles ARE important. To hear people downplay them, means to me that they don't understand them. The computer age that we are in does not look for intangibles or reward them or recognize them. It's a definite plus when a guy brings more than a batting average to the table. Derek Jeter is the best example that you can get of a guy that helps you win championships with his intangibles. I've played the game for a long time and I've been an analyst and I know just how important those intangibles are. I couldn't agree with you more.

Ken Tremendous: Oh, Joe. Joe Joe Joe...

Derek Jeter (Kalamazoo, MI): Hey, Joe? You can stop licking my balls, now.

Joe Morgan: Great. Thanks, Derek.

Derek Jeter: You got it.

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posted by Anonymous  # 1:51 AM
I can't believe Joe Morgan still has his job, after all the hard work we (especially Ken T.) have put in.
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