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Monday, May 23, 2005


You guys! We Should Be Major League Scouts!

From the Sporting News Scout's View column on

"Kaz Matsui is not as good a runner as Ichiro."

Hmmm. What would make you say that? Let's take a look at their rookie seasons:

Matsui: 14 SB
Ichiro: 56 SB

I don't know. Those numbers don't really say anything to me. What about this season?

Matsui: 2 SB
Ichiro: 14 SB

What do major league scouts get paid to do, anyway?

Good thing that this particular scout chose to remain anonymous, because he could be fired for letting the rest of MLB know this dirty little secret about Kaz Matsui.

Also, are we just comparing these two dudes because they're Asian? They play different positions in different leagues, and one sucks while the other is a former MVP who gets like a million hits a season. And also, who ever said Matsui was as good as Ichiro at anything?

posted by Murbles  # 2:40 AM
What's interesting here is that you might argue that Kaz is actually better at stealing bases than Ichiro. He's not as fast, sure, but check it:

Career SB success rates (in USA)
Ichiro: 76.7%
Kaz: 84.2%
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